Autumn Autotest

By Barry Lindsay

16 competitors turned out to do the sealed surface Autotest at the Peth. With Helen Harkness taking on the role of organising this one and came up with a great afternoon of non stop action with very little cone moving. The event was marshalled by Ian Robinson, Michael Lindsay & Graham Petry with Caroline Lodge on results and Barry ‘Hop along’ Lindsay on photos (still not able to compete due to a broken ankle).

First test Nigel Moffat was quickest on 48, with John Holliday and Nigel Harkness on 50sec then Helen Harkness and Phil Jobson both on 51sec. Wrong tests for Simon Jobson & Bradley Rutherford.


Test 2 was a repeat Nigel M & Craig Stamper were quickest on 49sec, then Helen, Nigel H, John H and Martin Davies all on 50sec.

Test 3 Saw a different route over the same cones. Craig was quickest with 44 ahead of Nigel M on 45sec. Nigel H on 47, John H on 48 then Helen on 49sec. Wrong tests for Phil J & Josh Shaw.


Test 4 was a repeat Nigel M getting 41s, Bradley & Craig on 45, then Nigel H & John H on 47sec.

Positions after Test4

1st Nigel Moffat       3m 03                  9th Phil Jobson                3m 40

2nd Craig Stamper    3m 08                 10th David Garstang         3m 42

3rd Nigel Harkness    3m 14                11th Kieron Stynes           3m 48

4th John Holliday       3m 15                12th Bradley Rutherford   3m 48

5th John Ross           3m 24                13th Sade Burke              3m 57

6th Helen Harkness   3m 31                14th Michael Burke           4m22

7th Martin Davies      3m 34                     15th Josh Shaw                   4m 25

8th Sam Trotter          3m 38                     16th Simon Jobson            4m 28


Test 5 Must have been slightly trickier. Wrong test for current leader Nigel M along with Sade Burke, Kieron Stynes & John Ross. Quickest was Craig with 54sec, then John H on 57 then Nigel H, Sam Trotter & David Garstang on 59sec.

Test 6 the re-run this time it was cones that were being hit 5 cars hitting cones. John H & Craig were quickest with 51sec, Bradley & Nigel H got 55sec then Phil on 58sec.

Test 7 was after another quick walk round the same cones now in a different order. Bradley was quickest 1m03, ahead of Craig on 1m04, John H on 1m05 then Nigel M, Nigel H & Simon Jobson on 1m07. Wrong test for Kieron.

Test 8 Bradley again got 1m03 ahead of Craig on 1m05 then Nigel M on 1m06. Nigel H and John H both on 1m07.

Test 9 was to be the last as time was getting on and some had a good travel home. John H & Nigel H went quickest with 45sec, Nigel M got 46sec then John R & David on 49sec.


Thanks to Helen for organizing a great afternoon, Marshals Ian, Michael & Graham.  Allan Faulder for the use of the venue.



1st   Craig Stamper               7m 56sec        9th Sam Trotter                9m 26sec

2nd  John Holliday 1st Rd      8m 00sec        10th Phil Jobson             9m 31sec

3rd  Nigel Harkness               8m 07sec       11th Martin Davies            9m 40sec

4th  Nigel Moffat                   8m 37sec       12th Sade Burke             10m 25sec

5th Helen Harkness               8m 47sec       13th Michael Burke         10m 31sec

6th  David Garstang              8m 52sec       14th Simon Jobson            10m 42sec

7th Bradley Rutherford 1st Jnr 9m18sec          15th Josh Shaw                  11m 00sec

8th    John Ross                      9m 19sec        16th Kieron Stynes          11m 13sec


2017 Championship Positions          After Round 4 of 5

Overall            (Top Ten)                                Road Car

1st Nigel Harkness          49                1st Nigel Harkness           37

2nd Helen Harkness        36                 2nd John Holliday             33

3rd John Holliday             33              3rd Helen Harkness          27

4th John Ross                   32                4th Andrew Robinson     15

5th Barry Lindsay             29               5th Geoffrey Harkness    10

6th Geoffrey Harkness    25

7th Andrew Robinson     23

8th David Garstang         20

9th Martin Davis              13

10th Kieron Stynes           8