Autumn Autoest – The Peth 2016

By Barry Lindsay

For the October Autotest we managed to get the use of the Peth wood yard for the day. The venue had been used on the Blue Streak with favourable reports and turned out to be another great autotest. Land owners took up the offer of the SMC club car so became a close contest between those two also. With a surface of smooth concrete polished withwagons  turning  on it along with a layer of gritty dust what more could we ask for!

Test got under way with some very close times over the Targa layout, Andrew Graham & Nigel Harkness were quickest with 51sec closely followed by Barry Lindsay, Martin Davis, John Holliday, Jamie Stuart & Richard Clark all on 52sec.

Test 2 was a repeat and now with a clean line Barry got 45sec, Nigel 49sec, Andrew G, Martin Davis and landowner Alan Faulder quickly adapting to the club car to all get 50sec. Another newcomer William Cheesbrough picked up a wrong test.

Test 3, basically the other way round but seamed more complicated. Barry got 53sec, Andrew, Nigel, John H all got 58sec.

Test 4, the repeat. Kenton Pattison debuting his #saxobeast finally got a clean run having hit cones on the previous tests. Fastest with 52sec saw the fightback begin. Barry getting 53sec, Andrew on 56sec then Helen Harkness & Nigel on 57sec.

Test 5 Kenton was quickest with 51sec, Barry on 54sec, Andrew on 56 then Helen on 57sec.

Test 6 Kenton got 49sec, Barry 51sec, Andrew 56sec and again Helen on 57sec.

Test 7 was getting more complicated. Kenton got 1m08, William Cheesbrough got 1m13, Richard C & Andrew  got  1m14  then  Landowners Alan and Andy Thomson both got 1m15. There were wrong tests for Barry (Who’s navigator nephew Graham still argue’s they were right!), Martin, John Barber, and John Ross also got wrong tests.

Test 8 but now everyone had studied the diagram abit more. Andrew & Nigel both getting 1m14, Martin on 1m15, John H on 1m16. Richard C picked up a wrong test on this run.

Test 9 Kenton & Barry were both in fight back mode getting 1m29, Richard got 1m33, John R, Andrew & John H on 1m35. While Helen picked up a wrong test, her first for a very long time, (blame the navigator all drivers do!)

Test 10 Barry got 1m 27, Kenton on 1m29, Richard on 1m30 Andrew 1m32, John H 1m33. Alan, Nigel & Helen got wrong tests

Test 11 Barry got 1m09, John H got 1m11, Nigel got 1m12 then Kenton and Andy T on 1m13.

Final test Kenton got 1m09, Helen, Nigel, John H got 1m10 then Barry on 1m11.


1st  Barry Lindsay           13m  19sec

2nd  Andrew Graham    13m  27sec (1st Rd Car)

3rd   Kenton Pattison     13m 40sec

4th  John Holliday       13m 51sec (2nd Road Car)

5th Jamie Stuart           14m 09sec (3rd Road car)

6th   Nigel Harkness      14m 15sec

7th  Richard Clark         14m 15sec  (4th Road Car)

8th Martin Davis           14m 40sec

9th  Andy Thomson      14m 41sec

10th  Helen Harkness 14m 43sec

11th  Alan Falder         14m 59sec

12th  John Ross            15m 03sec

13th  John Barber       15m 05sec

14th  William Cheesbrough 15m 27sec

Autotest Championship Points Top 5

1st Barry Lindsay    57pts                   Road Car Class

2nd Nigel Harkness 43pts                   1st John  Holliday  17pts

3rd Helen Harkness 26pts                   2nd Richard Clark  15pts

4th John Ross             24pts                     3rd Andrew Graham 12pts

5th Kenton Pattison 23pts