Autumn Autotest – The Peth

Results from the event, report will be next month.


1st  Barry Lindsay           13m 19sec

2nd Andrew Graham   13m 27sec (1st Rd Car)

3rd  Kenton Pattison  13m 40sec

4th  John Holliday      13m 51sec  (2nd Road Car)

5th  Jamie Stuart   14m 09sec (3rd Road car)

6th Nigel Harkness   14m 15sec (4th Road Car)

7th Richard Clark  14m 15sec

8th Martin Davis      14m 40sec

9th Andy Thomson         14m 41sec

10th Helen Harkness         14m 43sec

11th Alan Falder               14m 59sec

12th  John Ross                 15m 03sec

13th  John Barber              15m 05sec

14th William Cheesbrough 15m 27sec

Autotest Championship Points Top 10

1st Barry Lindsay 57pts

2nd Nigel Harkness 43pts

3rd Helen Harkness  26pts

4th John Ross 24pts

5th Kenton Pattison  23pts

6th Andreww Graham 22pts

7th Martin Davis           20pts

8th John Holliday      17pts (1st Road Car)

9th Richard Clark        15pts (2nd Road Car)

10th Jon Fowler       15pts