Kames Rally – May 2016

By Andy Westgarth

The first rally for me this year was filled with highs an lows after a stressful rebuild over the past couple of months. Well we got there on Saturday an did an afternoon of marshalling then finished any little jobs before camping out in the back of the car. The day started well with getting through scrutineering apart from having to put yellow tape on the earth, we then went off to the start of the first stages an all ways going well for the first few stages, there were 16 in total, we weren’t the quickest but we were having fun. We then started the 7th stage an at the start I turned to Nick an said “that chicane looks quite open, u think we can make it flat out” he agreed so of we went, when we got to the chicane it was a bit tighter than it looked, an well we hit it quite hard in third (2 wagon tyres stacked up) after that the problems started 3rd had gear gone not sure where but it’s not where it was supposed to be, wing bent and a knocking noise had now started, we carried on for another 4 stages before the knock was now a loud bang an getting worse, it was time to call it a day which I was a bit annoyed because due to cars not turning up an retiring we were in 2nd overall (also last). But after we retired I got to meet Jimmy McRae an ended up with a little memory of a bent signed wing from him just something to hang on the wall. Then on the trip home I decided time for a change so the Skoda is up for sale and a Corsa shell has arrived at my house to start a new build, I will keep you up to date on my Facebook page as I go through the build.