New Year’s Eve Autotest – 2014

By Barry Lindsay

The annual New year Autotest, New Years Eve and Pirelli factory was on maintenance over Christmas se we can use the car park. 12 tests we planned on the tarmac carpark. 12 drivers signed on and walked the tests before driving them. The longer tests was helping to remove the Christmas excess chocolate!

Test 1 Stephen Dixon was quick out the starting blocks in the lightweight Corsa to get 52s, Kenton Pattison was using the SMC club car and he showed its pace getting 56s, Barry Lindsay was next on 57s in the 106, Andrew Robinson 4th also using the Club Car Fiesta getting 1m00. Neil Thomlinson brought out his mini but got a wrong route.

Test 2 was the same and followed on Stephen repeated his first run 52s, Barry tried to close the gap with a 55s, Andrew Graham got 58s in the throaty sounding Fiesta ST. John Ross & Andrew R both got 1m00.

Kieron & Jon Stynes

Test 3 was different route but Stephen was still quickest getting 45s, John & Barry both got 47 along with Neil Thomlinson who was suffering overheating problems with the mini but had got the hang of it.

Test 4 Stephen repeated his time again with 45s, Barry & Andrew G were only a second behind then Kenton on 47s.

Test 5 was another different test but Stephen was on fine form with 53sec, Barry had no answer to the pace getting 56s, Andrew R on 57s then Andrew G on 58.

Test 6 was a rerun, Stephen was obviously inch perfect on each run as his times were identical each run. Another 53s Andrew R got near with 54s, Barry on 55 then Kenton on 56s.

Helen Gibbon

Halfway results showed 1st Stephen on 5m00, 2nd Barry on 5m16, 3rd Andrew G on 5m29, 4th Andrew R on 5m37, 5th Chris on 5m38, 6th Kenton on 5m41, 7th Helen 5m54, 8th Nigel H 6m00 9th John R 6m02, 10th Neil T on 6m08 11th Kieron on 6m30 then 12th Jon on 6m30.

Test 7 The fight back began Fastest was a four way tie, Kenton, Stephen, Andrew R & Barry tied on 1m24, Andrew G was next on 1m28.

Test 8 The long test would seam to be Stephen’s weakness ( 2015 will be the year of the 2 mile Autotest!!!) Barry was quickest on 1m21, Kenton & Andrew R on 1m22 then Stephen on 1m23

Test 9 Kenton got the fastest time of 42s, Barry on 43s with an dying 106 that was misfiring. Stephen & Andrew on 44s.

Stephen Dixon

Test 10 Stephen upped his pace again getting 42s, Andrew G on 43s, Kenton & Andrew R on 44s.

Test 11 was the first run of the head to head where two cars start together on two identical tracks along side.

Andrew Graham

Stephen & Barry ran side by side and there wasn’t much in it Barry got an early advantage but Stephen crossed the line on 44s one second ahead of Barry. Andrew G also go 44s then Kenton got 45s

Final test Stephen got 43, Andrew R got 45, Barry on 46 and Andrew G on 48. Nigel Harkness got only the second wrong test of the day on the final test.


1st Stephen Dixon           10m 44                 7th John Ross                     12m 17

2nd Barry Lindsay             11m 07                 8th Neil Thomlinson           12m 25

3rd Andrew Robinson         11m 20              9th Helen Gibbon               12m 32

4th Andrew Graham           11m 28               10th Nigel Harkness            12m 34

5th Kenton Pattison           11m 35                11th Jon Stynes                 13m 01

6th Chris Hunter               12m 02                 12th Kieron Stynes             13m 12