“Ode To a Rally Driver.”

By Mo Crabtree

He zoomed along the darkened roads,
His spotlights all ablaze,
His secret weapon no-one knew,
They glared at him amazed.

R. C. just stared and Timo too
They could not take it in,
Who was this man who’d passed
Them all and left them looking dim?

What was that car that he was in,
How could it go so fast?
He’d dealt their egos such a blow,
This rally would be their last.

Perhaps I should have told them all
The secret, but heck why?!
They’ve had the glory for so long,
I’ll keep it till I die.

And it was such a simple thing,
No science or fancy fads,
He’d simply bunged his exhaust pipe
With a pair of Brillo Pads!


Originally published in “Tyred Topics” April 1977