Ralle Sport Quiz

Remember when answering the questions, you’ve been magically transported back to June 1977.

  1. Name the race track which has cost 1.8million.
  2. Winners of the circuit of Ireland.
  3. Malcolm Wilson’s navigator.
  4. Winners of the 3rd Tour of Cumbria.
  5. Make of car they were in.
  6. He had a monumental accident in Egypt.
  7. Peter Handy’s driver.
  8. Formula 1 champion for 1976.
  9. Welshman who lost his life in Formula 1.
  10. Nickname of Jaguar XJ5.3C
  11. Name of winners on Silver Jubilee Safari.
  12. Airport for Drag racing.
  13. Sponsor of Barry Lee.
  14. What happens at Hednesford?
  15. What colour is Davinder Singh’s turban?
  16. Make of Andy Cowan’s car.
  17. Name of new Lancia.
  18. Author of “Sideways to victory”.
  19. Name Malcolm Wilson’s sponsors.
  20. Whose is the Morpar Avenger?
  21. Who won last year’s R.A.C.?
  22. Whose is the Escort 1300 BOA in Brampton?
  23. Who won the Virgo Galaxy Egypt Rally?
  24. Start of the 3rd Tour of Cumbria.
  25. What does B.T.R.D.A stand for?

Total points available 35. Pint for the highest score*



Tyred Topcis – June 1977

* virtual pint that is…