MBM Pendragon Rally 2014

By Barry Lindsay

The Pendragon Rally based on Warcop is always a popular event and this year was no different. Entry filled up fast and was a full entry well before the day, plus reserves. Now a single venue rally all on Warcop which leaves the organisers very little time for turn around.

A crisp autumn morning dawned over the hills as crews arrived for the 8.30 start. Peter Taylor & Andrew Roughead lead crews away as Car 1 in the Fiesta and straight into the lead. 8m51 and taking 13 seconds over the 8.4miles.

3rd Overall after the first stage were Barry & Michael Lindsay in the 106 with 9m 07, despite being held up by a slower car but they shot off at a tricky corner so that released the 106. Geoffrey Harkness & Caroline Lodge got 9m 54 despite a very heavy landing on a cattle grid giving them cause for concern now with a strange rattle or two! Then Pete Johnson navigating Douglas Newbury got 11m34 then James Coxon navigating Craig Johns in the Ka on 11m58. Barrie Thomson & Jerry Hettrick debuted the C2 getting 14m 11 having some brake bias issues then Jon & Kieron Stynes doing their first event on Tar in the 205 got 15m 37.

Jon & Kieron Stynes

Stage 2 was run at the same time so crews slotted in on 30sec starts making catching cars the norm, it was a case of deal with it and pass them hoping that they will let you through. Peter & Andrew stopped the clocks on 8m28. Barry & Michael had set off 30seconds behind Barrie & Jerry on their first stage so it was a case of SMC cat and mouse. Just before half way the 106 was on the back bumper of the C2 and as the C2 had Barry’s road car back light in it, nudging it was going to have to be carefully thought out.

The split was single file so they followed through then it was fast up to the chicane and double width, the 106 was going into the chicane first whether he got his back light back in one piece or 50 bits! But then sheep crossing the road weren’t in the plan… the 106 was alongside the C2, and there was a gap in the sheep they both aimed for. Barry & Michael got 9m 04, Barrie & Jerry got 9m 36.

Peter Taylor

Geoffrey & Caroline were mixing it with slower cars and being held up, getting 9m57. Jon & Kieron had a better stage 10m 17 followed by Pete on 10m35 then James on 15m 09.

Geoffrey Harkness & Caroline Lodge

Service followed, then after a delay to recover cars stages 3 & 4 again ran together. Peter & Andrew were again fastest overall and in a comfortable rally lead getting 10m 08. Barry & Michael got 10m 58 slipping back now that the temperature had risen and the tyres were slightly too soft to attack. Geoffrey & Caroline along with Barrie & Jerry both got 11m 52, and then Jon & Kieron along with Douglas & Pete got 12m 53. Craig & James on 13m12.

SS4 Peter got 9m 53, Barry & Michael on 10m 42, Barrie & Jerry 11m22, Geoffrey & Caroline 11m46, Jon & Kieron 11m48, James 12m39 then Pete on 18m26.

Service followed by a long delay which saw almost all the crews waiting in a holding control. Both stages 5 & 6, Peter was fastest and led the event by almost 2min. Barry & Michael had over 4min in hand over the class contenders in 6th. Barrie & Jerry were having clutch problems and would retire after ss6.

The final two stages were run despite more delays. Peter was now nursing the car with a suspected Diff / Driveshaft fault making a strange noise but were still fastest on every stage. Barry & Michael were also limping home, half way through SS5 the car started to lose power with a high rev misfire. On SS6 though the misfire became a mid-range miss also and they were happy to even finish. Jon & Kieron were dealt a cruel blow when the 205 blew all its water out on the final stage. So they switched off rather than damage the engine.

Results 1st                          Peter Taylor / Andrew Roughead               Fiesta 1.13.53 7th (1st class)      Barry & Michael Lindsay                             106     1.20.02 24th (5th Class) Geoffrey Harkness / Caroline Lodge         Corsa  1.26.20 42nd (7th Class) Craig Johns / James Coxon                           Ka     1.40.07 43rd (13th Class) Douglas Newbury / Pete Johnson           Fiesta   1.40.09