Autotest Round 2 – 27th of April 2014

By Barry Lindsay

At the end of April it was thought that ground would be hard…well it wasn’t! But the event went ahead with some tricky conditions and would reward those with a feel of grip through there right foot.
Ian Robinson had designed some new routes for the event and set the event off marshalling tests 1&3 while Barry Lindsay ran 2&4 at the same time.

Geoffey Harkness

Geoffrey Harkness was fastest on the first test with 1m 06. Nigel Harkness was next on 1m 14 then Andrew Graham & Kieron Stynes on 1m17. John Ross, George Carrick & Alex Beaty all wrong tested.
Test 2 Neil Thomlinson was quickest on 54sec ahead of Nigel on 55sec, Richard Clark with 57sec then Kenton Pattison, Andrew & John on 58sec.

Plenty of mud flying – Neil Thomlinson

Test 3 Neil quickest with 1m06 after some tyre pressure adjustments, Nigel got 1m07 then Geoffrey on 1m08, Richard, John & Andrew on 1m10. George Carrick got a wrong test.
Test 4 Geoffrey was quickest with 53sec but it was close, Neil, Richard & Jerry Hettrick all on 54sec then John & Nigel on 55sec

Positions after 4 tests
1st   Geoffrey Harkness   4m 07                  9th    Jerry Hettrick                           4m 41
2nd  Nigel Harkness       4m 11                   10th   John Ross                                 4m 51
3rd  Neil Thomlinson     4m 13                   11th   Kenton Pattison                       4m 54
4th  Richard Clark           4m 19                  12th   Kieron Stynes Inc 10%            4m 59
5th  Andrew Graham      4m 21                  13th   Alex Beaty                                  5m 05
6th  Eric Ritchie               4m 32                 14th   Jon Stynes Inc 10%                  5m 10
7th  Helen Gibbon           4m 35                 15th   George Carrick                           5m 21
8th  George Edminson   4m 39

Quick change around and we were onto 5 & 7 with Ian and 6 & 8 with Barry.

Test 5, Geoffrey & Jon Stynes were quickest with 58sec ahead of Andrew & Neil on 59 then Richard & Kenton on 1m00. Nigel wrong tested.

George Edminson

Test 6 Geoffrey & Neil shared the honors with 47sec. Nigel & Eric Ritchie got 48sec then Andrew, Kenton & Jon got 50sec. Alex Beaty & Jerry wrong tested.

Test 7 Jon & Jerry topped the times with 58sec followed by John, Geoffrey, Andrew, Neil & George Edminson on 59 sec.
Test 8 Geoffrey quickest with 46sec ahead of Neil on 47sec, John & Jon on 48sec then Richard, Kieron, Andrew & Kenton on 49sec. George C wrong test.

George Carrick

Test 9 Nigel got 1m07 then Neil & Eric with 1m08,then Andrew, Kenton & Jon on 1m09
Test 10 Richard & Nigel were quickest with 1m04 followed by Geoffrey & Andrew on 1m05, Neil on 1m06 then Jerry on 1m07. Kenton & Alex both wrong tested.

Richard Clark

Tests 11 &12 were run but a shower of rain made it very slippery and times went from under 1min to over 2 min so results were taken from after test 10.

Hope everyone enjoyed the event and thanks to Ian for marshalling and the routes. Thanks also to Joe & Neil Thomlinson for the use of the field.

Results from Round 2.

1st Geoffrey Harkness   9m56         9th George Edminson             11m00

2nd Neil Thomlinson       9m59       10th Kenton Pattison               11m12

3rd Andrew Graham     10m12         11th John Ross                          11m17

4th Nigel Harkness       10m18         12th Jon Stynes     Inc 10%     11m49

5th Richard Clark         10m24         13th Kieron Stynes Inc 10%   11m53

6th Helen Gibbon         10m49         14th George Carrick                12m27

7th Jerry Hettrick         10m53          15th Alex Beaty                        12m29

8th Eric Ritchie             10m55

Championship points after 2 rounds

1st Geoffrey Harkness        19               11th Jerry Hettrick           6

2nd Neil Thomlinson         18                  =   Eric Ritchie              6

=   Andrew Graham          18                  =   George Edminson     6

4th Nigel Harkness            16                  =   Jon Stynes               6

5th Kenton Pattison          15                  15th Joe Thomlinson         3

= Barry Lindsay                15                  16th Kieron Stynes           2

7th John Ross                     11                  17th George Carrick         1

8th Stephen Dixon            10                     Christine Ross           1

9th Richard Clark              8                     =   Rob Glendinning       1

= Helen Gibbon               8                       =   Alex Beaty               1


(Images © H. R. Gibbon / Spadeadam Motor Club 2014)