Grizedale Stages 2013

By Barry Lindsay

The final round of the SG Petch ANECCC championship, The Grizedale Stages based in Coniston with 40 miles in Grizedale Forest. I was in with a mathematical chance of winning the championship and after already clinching the North of England Tarmacadam could I get the double.. To win the championship all I had to do was get maximum points and have neither Steve Bannister or Richard Cook get any points. For some reason neither of them entered this round, now all I had to do was get maximum points.. With Peter Stephenson entered in his Focus then also John Bainbridge & Darren Martin both in 4wd cars could also get into the equation.

Stage 1 & 2 ran at the small Dunnerdale stage. Stage 1 We had a good go, and despite a couple of little moments got 3m01.3m 01 was good enough for 2nd in class, 2 sec ahead of Martin Shaw & James Coxon. Darren Martin and Dan Hurst 5sec behind and Mark Goodfellow & Kyle getting 3m37. Stage 2 was slotting in on 30 seconds between the SS1 competitors. I kept it abit neater but managed to keep more speed through a few bits happier with 2m 56, 6 sec ahead of Mark and James who were forth in class. Darren & Dan got 3m 03 while Mark & Kyle got 3m16.

After a quick management service for fuel it was into two main Grizedale stage only separated by a few hundred meter road section.  Stage 3 had a mix of fast flowing bits and some quite tricky bits. We had two high speed moments, one where I cut into a hole which had been marked ‘don’t cut’ it launched the 206 across the road onto the loose and then went sideways. The other a flowing left, right, left that the back got away from following the front, which made a few spectators hide behind the trees!!. 11m 26 was 1 second quicker than Darren & Dan who were getting the hang of the latest Evo in there fleet of hire cars. Mark & James were keeping the pressure on also with 11m31 with Mark & Kyle getting 12m24.

Service followed and time to look at the results sheet. Peter Stephenson was up at the top, and I was third contender behind Darren by 10 seconds. The championship hopes were slipping away.

The final stage was a big one it was Stages 3  & 4 joined together. It went well no mistakes, got a time of 20m 33, 11 seconds quicker than Darren & Dan which was enough to put us 1 second ahead of them in the results but the Focus had finished which meant 3rd Overall in the championship. Mark & James had pushed in the final stage for the battle of the event class runner-up getting a time of 20m 45. Mark & Kyle got 22m 49.


12th 2nd   Barry & Michael Lindsay                             206            50m 02sec

13th 9th   Darren Martin / Dan Hurst                          Evo            50m 03sec

14th 3rd   Mark Shaw / James Coxon                         Sunbeam     50m 26sec

35th 14th Mark Goodfellow / Kyle Gass                     Subaru         57m 56sec