The Long Grass Autotest! (9th of June 2013)

The June Autotest was held at Longpark in a different field, the field had been unused since finishing combining last autumn. The surprise on faces as people saw the field. The wild growing grass in places would be almost knee height.

Two test sites were set out and with a good entry of 16 competitors and we were pleased to see new faces.

Test 1 Geoffrey was quickest with 1m00, Barry on 1m03, Nigel & newcomer Alec Broughton on 1m04 then Helen, George & newcomer Paul Lowry on 1m05. Richard Clark & Robert Johnstone both got wrong tests.

George Edminson

On the re-run the grass was now flattened and the route was more visible so times tumbled. Geoffrey again quickest with 58 sec. Nigel & Richard on 59 sec then Barry 1m00 and Helen 1m01.

Test 3 was a longer test and a bit tighter, Geoffrey & Richard were quickest with 2m03, Nigel on 2m07 then Eric on 2m09. Mike Hebson & Paul Lowry both got wrong tests.

Alec Broughton

On the re-run Nigel was quickest with 1m 51 from Barry &  Alec  on 1m52, George on 1m55, John S on 1m56. Wrong test for John Ross. While Robert Johnstone retired with overheating engine.

Positions after test 4

1   Nigel Harkness          6m 01                     9   Eric Ritchie          6m 48

2  Barry Lindsay            6m 07                    10   Keiron Stynes      7m 04

3   Geoffrey Harkness     6m 13                    11   Pete Johnston      7m 13

4  George Edmondson    6m 13                    12   John Ross           7m 15

5   Alec Broughton          6m 23                    13   Mike Hebson       7m 37

6   John Stynes              6m 23                     14   Andrew Graham  7m 54

7  Richard Clark             6m 31                     15   Paul Lowry         7m 59

8  Helen Gibbon             6m 35

Test 5 was manned by Ian and was over the top of test 1&2. Not only was the new route going to challenge people, but there wasn’t a route to follow in the trampled grass…

Barry was quickest despite running first through the long grass with 1m12, Geoffrey got 1m14, Richard on 1m18, then Alec , George & Nigel on 1m19. Wrong tests for Eric & John S.

Pete Johnson

On the re-run test 6, Barry set the same time 1m12 as did Geoffrey 1m14. Andrew got 1m18, then John R, Nigel, George & Mike all got 1m19. Wrong tests for Richard & Alec.

Test 7 was slightly trickier manned by Michael. Quickest was John S in the mini with 1m 06, Alec & Richard got 1m07 then George on 1m10. Wrong tests for Pete, Geoffrey and Mike.

Test 8 On the re-run Barry got 1m03, Geoffrey got 1m04 then John S on 1m06 then John R on 1m07. Wrong test for Mike.

Mike Hebson

Tests 9 & 10 were run together like a super special, two cars setting off at the same time to see who is the quickest not just on the clock.

On test 9 Richard was quickest with 59sec ahead of George & Barry both on 1m01 then Nigel & Geoffrey on 1m03

On test 10 Barry was quickest with 58sec, Richard on 1m01 then Mike, George & John S on 1m02


1st  Barry Lindsay                 12m54    8th   Alec Broughton         14m18 *

2nd George Edmondson       13m15    9th  Helen Gibbon            14m18 *

3rd  Nigel Harkness              13m23    10th John Ross                  14m23

4th  Geoffrey Harkness        13m31    11th  Eric Ritchie                15m06

5th  Richard Clark                13m43    12th  Andrew Graham       15m14

6th  John Stynes                  13m51    13th  Pete Johnston           15m20

7th  Keiron Stynes                13m53   14th Mike Hebson             15m47

*= Tie Breaker Fastest on first test

Thanks to Joe & Neil for the field, Michael & Ian for marshalling and Caroline for doing the results.  

NEXT EVENT   28th JULY – Pirelli Car Park