The April Quiz (4th of April)

If you couldn’t make it to our April club night, here’s a small taster of what you missed. The questions were compiled by George Rutherford. Results can be found below.

Q: Who won the Irish Tarmac Championship in 2012?

 Q: In which category of racing is Lord Drayson promoting for a 2014 championship?

 Q: Which new WRC team will enter the championship in 2014?

 Q:  Which Scottish Rallycross driver regularly competes on the world stage?

 Q: What make of car is Touring Car ace, James Thomson, racing in 2013?

 Q: Who builds the P1?

 Q: Which drivers did the following navigators become best known by:

    • Dave Richards
    • Tony Mason
    • Nicky Grist
    • Phil Mills
    • Kevin Rae

Results of the April Quiz

Thanks to George Rutherford for an evening of brain exercise… all good fun!

1st Richard Thomson     55

2nd Barry Lindsay          42

3rd Simon Clark             39

4th John Ross               37

=  David Love              37

6th  Helen Gibbon         31

7th  Geoffrey Harkness  23

8th  Ian Robinson          20