April Autotest (7th of April 2013)

By Barry Lindsay

The second round of the Autotest championship was held at Longpark Farm for the first of our grass tests. Ian Robinson was running the tests and had 10 new routes.

First & third tests were marshalled by Michael Lindsay. Geoffrey was quickest with 38 sec, followed by Barry & Richard on 40 sec then Neil T & John S on 41 sec.  On the re-run Richard, John S & Barry were tied on 38 sec, George & John R got 40 sec.

Eric Ritchie

Test two and four were marshalled by Ian Robinson, Neil T getting quickest with 58 in the fiesta. John R & Geoffrey got 1m 01 followed by Richard & Barry on 1m04. On the re-run Neil T Barry & Richard were quickest with 58sec.

Geoffrey Harkness

Positions after Test 4

Barry Lindsay                                9 Nigel Harkness 3m 37

=  Richard Clark 3m 18                  10 Kenton Pattison 3m 45

3  Geoffrey Harkness 3m 20         11 Helen Gibbon 3m 47

4  John Stynes 3m 22                     12 Neil Varah 3m 52

5  John Ross  3m 24                       13 Kieron Stynes 3m 54

6  George Edminson  3m 34         14 Mike Hebson 3m 56

7  Neil Thomlinson 3m 35             15 Andrew Graham 4m 06

8  Eric Ritchie 3m 36

Kieron Stynes

Tests 5 & 7 were on the ground of 1 & 3, Barry quickest with 56 sec, ahead of Geoffrey & Neil T on 57 sec then Richard & Andrew both on 58sec. On the re-run  Barry got the time down to 55 sec, John S got 56 sec, then John R on 57 sec followed by Geoffrey, Nigel & Richard on 58 sec.

Nigel Harkness

Tests 6 & 8 were a flowing tests through narrow gates of cones. John S & Barry both got 56 sec, ahead of both Geoffrey & Richard on 57 sec. On the re-run John S & Neil T got the time down to 55 sec. Richard got 56 sec then Barry on 57 sec.

Richard Clark

Final two tests were over a bigger area with longer straights the tight slalom and a couple of 360 turns.

Final two tests. Barry got 1m 07 followed by Neil T on 1m08. Then Geoffrey 1m 10 and Mike & Eric on 1m12. Final test saw Nigel & Geoffrey get quickest with 1m 06, George got 1m 07 with the high revving Micra followed by John S & John R on 1m 08.

Barry Lindsay


1st  Barry Lindsay 9m21 (1)                        9th  Andrew Graham 10m33 (0)

2nd Geoffrey Harkness 9m27 (0)            10th  Neil Varah      10m37 (1)

3rd Richard Clark 9m37 (1)                       =    Mike Hebson 10m37 (2)

4th John Ross 9m41 (0)                            12th  Eric Ritchie    10m38 (0)

5th Jon Stynes 9m44 (0)                           13th  George Edmondson 11m00 (3)

6th Neil Thomlinson 9m53 (3)                 14th  Helen Gibbon 11m13 (1)

7th Nigel Harkness 10m08 (0)                15th Kieron Stynes  (1jnr)  11m59 (3)

8th Kenton Pattison 10m28 (0)              ( ) = Number of cones

Championship Points (top ten)

1st  O  Barry Lindsay 27                             6th  O Geoffrey Harkness 12

2nd  R  Andrew Graham  19                      7th  O Neil Varah 10

3rd  R  Jon Stynes 18                                  8th  O Richard Clark 10

4th  O  Nigel Harkness 15                          9th  R George Edmondson 9

5th  R  John Ross 15                                   10th R Mike Hebson 8

O = Open class                  R = Road Car Class

Thanks to Joe and Neil Thomlinson for the field, which they had to delay the man with a tractor & plough for a few days just so we could compete. Thanks also to Michael, Caroline & Ian for marshalling.

****Next Event ( Weather Permitting) 9th June, let Barry Lindsay know of your entries then you can be informed of any postponement.****