Autotest (14th of October 2012)

By Barry Lindsay

Following a disappointingly wet summer which had seen two grass autotests cancelled an extra event was added at Longtown Auction. But despite the minimum entries not being met the event went ahead.

Two fresh cars were being débuted at this event. Neil Thomlinson had stripped out his sisters old fiesta and had also talked his dad Joe into having a go at driving. Barry Lindsay had put the 1.4 running gear back into his old rally shell to use for auto testing.

Test 1 John was quickest with 1m16 despite concerns how tight it was for the big car and quite tight test. Neil T was happy with the fiesta on 1m21 then Barry on 1m 29. Geoffrey got a wrong test.

Neil Thomlinson

Test 2 was the re-run. Neil T was quickest with 1m13 followed by Neil V on 1m 16 then Barry on 1m17 now with a working handbrake.

Barry Lindsay

Barry Lindsay

Tests 3 & 4 were timed by Ian Robinson. Nigel was quickest with 1m31 ahead of Neil V & Geoffrey on 1m 38 the newcomer Joe getting 1m 40, then on the re-run Neil V was quickest on 1m 23, followed by Nigel on 1m 29 then Barry on 1m32.

Neil Varah

Neil Varah

Positions after test 4

1st  Neil Varah                    5m 55

2nd Neil Thomlinson        5m 56

3rd John Ross                    5m 59

4th Barry Lindsay             6m 06

5th Nigel Harkness           6m 23

6th Geoffrey Harkness     6m 25

7th Joe Thomlinson          6m 39

The routes were changed and another two all forward flowing tests both run twice. Test 5 & 6 manned by Michael Lindsay. Barry was quickest in a need to regain some lost time with 44 sec. Neil T, Joe and John all tied on 47 sec. On the re-run Joe had quickest time of 43 but the final cone was hit dropping ten seconds. Barry & Neil T both got 44sec, then John & Nigel on 46.

John Ross

John Ross

On test 7&8  Barry got 55 followed by Nigel & Geoffrey getting 56. Neil V got lost and although back tracking to get it right dropped time getting 1m42.

Nigel Harkness

Nigel Harkness

The second run Neil V got it all correct being quickest with 55, Barry got 1m 02 then Geoffrey & Neil T on 1m 05.

Geofrrey Harkness

Geoffrey Harkness

The final two tests were both tests joined up and resulted in a faster test.

Barry got 57 followed by Nigel on 57 then Joe, Geoffrey & John on 59.

Joe Thomlinson

Joe Thomlinson

The second run Nigel went quicker with 55 the John with 58 then Neil V and Joe on 1m 02.


1st  Barry Lindsay               106              11m 32sec

2nd John Ross                     Mazda         11m 50sec

3rd Neil Thomlinson         Fiesta           11m 55sec

4th Nigel Harkness           Corsa           12m 04sec

5th Geoffrey Harkness     Corsa         12m 15sec

6th Neil Varah                    206           12m 26sec

7th Joe Thomlinson         Fiesta          12m 37sec

Championship Points after Four rounds

Barry Lindsay 60,

Geoffrey Harkness 38,

Nigel Harkness 37,

Neil Thomlinson 33,

John Ross 31,

Richard Clark 25,

Neil Varah 24,

Todd Brown 15,

Thanks to Ian Robinson & Michael Lindsay for Marshalling. Phil Jobson for arranging the use of the Longtown Auction Carpark.

(Images © B. Lindsay / N. Harkness / Spadeadam Motor Club 2012)