Jubilee Autotest

With Pirelli doing some engineering on their production line. Neil Varah had looked into and arranged the use of the workers carpark during the shut down. The event was organised for the evening of the bank holiday Tuesday. 6 tests were planned but due to a lower turn out this was expanded to 8 tests.

It was a wet summer evening ( There’s been a few this year!) Barry opened the first test with 1m 06 with Nigel just behind in 1m 13, then Simon on 1m20. For the re-run Barry slightly slower on 1m07 followed by Geoffrey on 1m08 then Nigel on 1m09 then Neil V and Neil T on 1m11.

After a few cones were kicked Ian Robinson & Michael Lindsay were back in position stop watches at the ready in there wet gear.

Test 3 Geoffrey was quickest with 45 sec ahead of Simon & John on 47 then Neil T & Todd on 48. Test 4 Barry was quickest with 43 ahead of Todd, Geoffrey & Neil T on 45 then Neil V, John & Richard on 46.

At the half way point Barry lead by 14 seconds from Geoffrey with Neil T only 2 behind, then Todd 3 seconds ahead of Richard, Simon and John all tied just ahead of Nigel and Neil V with 29 seconds covering the whole leader board.

Test 5 was an extra run of the previous two tests, times were getting down to the bone. Barry getting 42 ahead of Geoffrey, Richard & Simon all on 43 then Neil Varah on 44.

Test 6 was a new test slightly bigger Barry getting 1m11 ahead of Nigel on 1m14 then Geoffrey & Neil T on 1m18. On the re-run test 7 Nigel & Barry were quickest on 1m 14 then Neil V & Richard on 1m17 followed by Todd & Geoffrey on 1m18.

The final test and it had finally dried up abit. Neil V, Richard & Nigel all tied on 1m15 then Neil T & Barry on 1m18.



1st   Barry Lindsay             8m 14

2nd  Nigel Harkness          8m 46

3rd  Geoffrey Harkness    8m 47

4th  Neil Varah                   9m 03

5th  Simon Jobson             9m 04

6th  Neil Thomlinson       9m 06

7th  Richard Clark            9m 09

8th  Todd Brown               9m 21

9th  John Ross                   9m 37

Thanks to Ian Robinson, Michael Lindsay & Caroline Lodge for Marshalling & Neil Varah for arranging the use of the Pirelli Carpark.

Points after three rounds

Barry Lindsay           45

Geoffrey Harkness   30

Nigel Harkness         28

Richard Clark          25

Neil Thomlinson     23

John Ross                 19

Neil Varah                17

Todd Brown            15


(Images ©  B. Lindsay / Spadeadam Motor Club 2012)