Rally Results (January & February 2012)

Jonathan Lodge on his first event of the year navigated his way to 25th OA (1st in Class) on the Roger Albert Clark. Caroline Lodge finished 2nd in class, 27th OA on same, main event. On the Sunday Clubman event on the RAC Phil Jobson & Jerry Hettrick were setting good times until the gearbox locked solid and retired on the spot. David Coleman and Josh Davidson had an “off” in the snow of Ae, on the first stage missing SS2, but then rejoined for the remaining mileage but were classified as DNF.

The Snowman saw Peter Taylor get 3rd Overall (3rd in class), just behind was Rory Young & Allan Cathers in 4th Overall (1st in class).

(I see you wondering if Peter was 3rd & Rory was 4th, How has Rory got more points??? Well it’s to do with Peter being 3rd in class & Rory Winning his class… It’s complicated but my computer seems to know what its doing!!! And the fact that Peter’s class had more cars in was also in the equation…..)