Club Night Autotest (7th of July 2011)

By Barry Lindsay

The July club night was the 2nd Autotest of the year and in new field at Longpark, Scaleby. After some wet weather the event looking doubtfull but after touring the farm the night before, it was agreed that the newly cut silage field was the firmest.

14 entrants arrived and we please to see 5 new competitors and also was good to see others coming back for their 2nd event, along with the ‘regulars’!

Again we had two different tests running side by side one manned by Michael Lindsay the other by Caroline Lodge, with Ian Robinson getting folk organised to keep it running and also doing a bit of navigating.

Test 1 Barry was quickest with 1m 27 ahead of John on 1m 28 then Neil V & Nigel on 1m 31 followed by new competitor Pete Docker on 1m 34.

John Ross

John Ross

Test two was a rerun with Barry again quickest despite trying a different driving style on 1m27. Another newcomer Jason Docker was just behind in 1m 28 ahead of Neil T on 1m 29 getting to grips with the improvements made to the handling of the Corsa. Neil V got 1m 30 then John on 1m 33.

Test three Barry had been first to run and had the advantage of the lightest navigator with young Zach Varah! Quickest with 59 seconds. John hurled the big Mazda round to get 1m00 followed by Neil V (also with Zach!) 1m01 then James Neve on his 2nd event along with Pete and Geoffrey on 1m 03.  Martin Allonby & Grant McCleary wrong tested here.

Grant McCleary

Grant McCleary

Test 4 was a rerun but was also to see trouble strike the Diahatsu club car, when the radiator burst, but everyone finished the run.

The End Of The Daihatsu

The End Of The Daihatsu

Barry got 58 seconds ahead of Neil V on 1m00. Pete and John on 1m02 then James on 1m03. Martin Allonby and Gary Greer wrong tested.

Neil Thomlinson

Neil Thomlinson

With the sun starting to get lower in the sky and down to one club car we would only be able to run tests 5 & 6. This was back on the site of 1 & 2 but this also caught out a few following old marks! Nigel was quickest with 1m19 ahead of John on 1m21 then Barry on 1m22, Neil V on 1m26 then Neil T on 1m27. Eight of the remaining crews wrong tested?

Phil Jobson

Phil Jobson

Test 6 the sun had dropped Neil T and Barry were quickest with 1m22 then Nigel on 1m24. John, Pete and Geoffery got 1m 25. Neil V, Shaun & Martin Allonby and Gary Greer wrong tested.

Barry Lindsay

Barry Lindsay


1st  Barry Lindsay   7m 35

2nd John Ross 7m 49

3rd  Neil Thomlinson 7m 57

4th  Nigel Harkness 8m 02

5th  Peter Docker 8m 35

6th  Neil Varah 8m 51

=   Jason Docker 8m 51

8th Geoffrey Harkness 8m 52

9th James Neve 9m 14

10th Grant McCleary 9m 25

11th  Shaun Allonby 9m 39

12th  Phil Jobson 10m 06

13th  Martin Allonby 10m 37

14th  Gary Greer 10m 41