Kames Sprint -12 of June 2011

By Geoffrey Harkness

Having missed the Pendragon rally, and the next event being several weeks away it was decide that a sprint would keep the wheels on the car turning. An entry was sent and to boost the spectator numbers Caroline entered as well. So now I had someone to warm the tyres for me without wearing too much tread off. Well that was the idea, but great ideas don’t always work out.

We arrived at Kames and with plenty of time before practice Barry would remove the passenger seat, blow the tyres up and get the car scrutineered.

First practise and now the first part of the plan has gone wrong, as I’m the first driver, so who’s warming up the tyres for whom? 99 seconds for 3 laps, Caroline then takes her first practise and does it in 103 seconds. Two more practise runs followed with Caroline getting her time down to 99 seconds and myself at 99 seconds.

Geoffrey Harkness
Geoffrey Harkness

The gap at this point is becoming a little close for comfort and as Barry is now telling Caroline where she can gain time, I decided to play my joker. Off with the well worn rally tyres and on with a set of slick racing tyres. Practise 4 and I’ll get the best out of these in 3 laps them Caroline can slip and slide her way round on them.

Caroline Lodge
Caroline Lodge

So the green light comes on and off I go. Well, off as in off into the gravel trap at the first corner (That was the second great idea gone wrong).

So for the first timed run and I get a 98.07 and Caroline “Cut the corners” Lodge gets a 101.36, both of us slower than during practise. The second run and I managed 96.10 and Caroline 101.72, the class winning Nova doing 90.43 and 1000cc single seater taking FTD, doing 76.89.

The conclusion I came to at the end of the day is, that I need to try harder next time, firstly to get a time closer to the class winner and more importantly to stay ahead of Caroline (If only I could come up with great ideas that worked).

Anyone wanting information on how to cut corners to gain an advantage on an event contact Caroline Lodge, or for photographic evidence contact Barry Lindsay.

(Photos ©  Barry Lindsay / Spadeadam Motor Club)