Rally Results (May 2011)

The Pirelli International Peter Taylor finish 12th Overall 3rd in class in the R3 Clio. The Halburn Stages saw Peter Taylor cruelly robbed of his maiden victory with a powersteering oil fire on the Subaru, He finished after a stage maximum in 11th. James McWhir navigated Michael Hunter in the Lada to 12th Overall 2nd in class. Pendragon saw Barry & Michael Lindsay get 4th Overall and winning the class ahead of James Coxon navigating Michael Johns in the Evo to 6th Overall 3rd in class. Peter Taylor had a troubled day finishing 30th Overall after two off’s. Other members went off and stayed off included Keith Taylor in the Subaru. Chris Taylor in the rs2000 and Nigel Hepburn & James McWhir. Barrie Thomson & Jerry Hettrick had the engine misfire return.