Rally Results (March 2011)

The Malcolm Wilson Rally kicked off a busy month for Spadeadam members. Peter Taylor started his season off with 49th OA (3rd in class), Caroline Lodge navigated Dave Edwards in his Astra to 58th OA (4th in class), Phil & Caroline Jobson finished 62nd OA (5th in class) following being late at MTC. Epynt followed for Peter finishing 29th (1st in class). Border Counties saw Peter Taylor’s good form continue with 28th Overall and winning his class. Barry & Michael Lindsay had a gravel outing finishing 37th OA (4th in class). Phil Jobson & Jerry Hettrick retired when the gearbox stuck in 4th gear at the start of SS2. Allan Cathers went OTL during the event. At Three Sisters racetrack Nigel Hepburn & James McWhir finished 27th OA (5th in class).