Some Changes To Your Club Committee

Following the club AGM last month, there are a few changes to the committee.

Barry Lindsay has stepped down from a number of responsibilities but remains SMC Competition Secretary. Thanks to Barry for all his hard work in the many areas he has been involved with. Hope the rest of us can match his standards.

Your Membership Secretary is now John Rossget your membership fees to him ASAP.

Jerry Hettrick has taken over the role of club Treasurer.

And Caroline Lodge -‘ volunteered’ to become the Newsletter Editor.

SMC would also like to welcome Helen Gibbon to the club committee, Helen has already dedicated a lot of time and effort to the club, in the form of setting up and running the club website and facebook page.

You will find the up to date list of the committee members, their roles and contact details  on the back of your newsletter or the “Contacts” page on the website