Duckhams Jan 12 Car (13th of January 2011)

By Paul Allen

7 or so crews gathered at the Miltonrigg Wood car park for Jerry’s 12 car which was originally planned for October 2010. Our first expert clues were simple, but crafty, if we crossed grid line 56, were given 11 (5+6) and if we crossed GL 62, the clue was 8 (6+2). Fortunately we had a good couple of miles of A-road to work this out and Jerry had avoided using an area where the sum of the northing digits matched the sum of the eastings.

The route weaved around south of Brampton and reached TC1 at Castle Carrock. From here we passed through some spot heights around Talkin Tarn and passing quietly through Farlam before reaching TC2 over at Forest Head. TC3 was then a quick 5 mins back to the start, approaching from the south where Jerry still was waiting for us.

Next was a bespoke Jerry instruction that looked like a herring bone but was actually more grid line trickery. We headed up from Banks to Gilsland where there was remains of a massive wall on the south side of the road. Tom mentioned something about Adrian, but I was busy deciphering Jerry’s work of art. We located a NAM on the 15th coloured junction and found a codeboard, so far so good.

From TC4 we headed up anti-clockwise round the big Bewcastle loop. The clue was an innocent looking circular herring bone which fitted ok, but the fog came up on high ground and slowed us somewhat. This allowed local man Geoff with Caroline to reel us in as we floundered about with the blind crests and bendy road. We were late at TC5 and even later at TC6 just north of Walton.

The final leg headed towards Smithfield via Gillbank and Hethersgill. We were given 6 grid refs to pass through, but they were presented reading from top to bottom and were disguised as something else entirely.

It was a nice event with the usual Jerry devious presentation, I was grateful for Tom’s input for interpreting route instructions on a couple of occasions. Two heads are better than one, even if they are sheep heads…..! Thanks must be given to Jerry for keeping us on our toes and the usual slick organisation. Gratefulness too for the marshals for all turning out and being where they should. There was a minor diversion around a closed road near Kirkcambeck for which there was a brief re-route. Everything worked perfectly.