Autumn Autotest

By Barry Lindsay

The Autumn autotest was again held at Longpark, Scaleby. With use of the large stubble field all ten tests were setup the day before so that competition could follow on. A good entry turned up with several newcomers wishing to take part. John set things off going first on the first test marshalled by Michael, John getting 1m 04 a time that wouldn’t be beat, Neil T and Barry were watching each others times for the autotest championship both got 1m 06 on this one then Nigel on 1m07. On the rerun Barry was quickest with 1m 00 only 1 second ahead of Neil, then  Peter who gave the Megane Sport a demonstration run of 1m 02, James Coulthard a newcomer getting 1m 03.

Nigel Harkness

Nigel Harkness


Tests 3 & 4 marshalled by Caroline. Peter was quickest with 59 sec followed by Jerry, Geoffrey and Barry all on 1m00 then Neil on 1m01. The repeat test Neil & James were quickest on 55sec followed by both Barry & Alex ( newcomer) just behind on 56sec then Jerry on 57.

Positions after Test 4

1st Barry Lindsay 4m 02
2nd Neil Thomlinson 4m 03
3rd Jerry Hettrick 4m 09
4th Geoffrey Harkness 4m 24
5th John Ross 4m 27
6th Helen Gibbon 4m 31
7th Neil Varah 4m 32
8th Nigel Harkness 4m 32
9th James Coulthard 4m 34
10th Dean Graham 4m 35
11th Alex van Steijn 4m 35
12th Peter Taylor 4m 35
13th Jason Hettrick 4m 37
14th Luke Asbridge 4m 53
15th James Snaith 4m 57
16th Callum Young 5m 04
17th Dan Knight 5m 10
Neil Thomlinson

Neil Thomlinson

Test 5 & 6 was a route used before, called the “ 50th” but has lost the “h”! ( If you’ve driven it you’ll know what I mean) the reversing into a garage was marshalled by Yvonne Petry. Barry got 55, Neil getting a 59 then Alex and Peter on 1m00. Luke and Dean getting WT. For the rerun Peter was quickest on 54 then Barry again on 55, Alex on 56 and Geoffrey on 57 a time that Neil also got but added to it a hit cone dropped him more valuable time.
Test 7 & 8 were a new test with more reversing in and Joe Thomlinson was keeping his eye on that part. Barry was quickest with 1m00 followed by Jerry on 1m02, Alex on 1m03 and Neil on 1m06. WT’s for Helen ( Nigel navigating her the wrong way!), Callum, Luke, James S and Peter. For the re-run Barry got 59, Alex 1m00, Neil 1m02 then Nigel & James C on 1m03.

Alex van Steijn

Alex van Steijn

Test 9 & 10 were the finale, on the same sites as 5 & 7 with a longer route joining them. Alex was fastest with 1m 34 just ahead of Jerry on 1m 35, Geoffrey on 1m 39 then Nigel on 1m 41. Where were the title contenders? Neil trying too hard slid into the finish cone and picked up his second cone of the day, while Barry struggling with gear linkage trouble dropped time.

The last test Nigel & Neil both got 1m 29 then Alex on 1m 32, James C on 1m33.

With Jerry getting a 1m 36 and Barry a 1m42 this meant that Neil took the 2010 Spadeadam Autotest Championship on the last test.

Final Standings

1st Neil Thomlinson 11m 28  (Fastest on 1st Test)
2nd Jerry Hettrick 11m 28
3rd Barry Lindsay 11m 34
4th Alex van Steijn 11m 40
5th Geoffrey Harkness 12m 09
6th John Ross 12m 10
7th Nigel Harkness 12m 15
8th Jason Hettrick 12m 38
9th James Coulthard 12m 43
10th Helen Gibbon 12m 47
11th Dan Knight 13m 14
12th Neil Varah 13m 23
13th Luke Asbridge 13m 36
14th Callum Young 13m 56
James Snaith Withdrew after test 8
Peter Taylor Withdrew after test 8
Dean Graham Withdrew after test 8
Geoffrey Harkness

Geoffrey Harkness

(Photos © Helen R. Gibbon/ Spadeadam Motor Club)