The Countdown – 2012

The Countdown 2012 – Results

1.Pete Tyson / Neil Harrison         Mini Cooper S                      1 Penalty         1st Overall
2.Steve Retchless / Iain Tullie       Ford Escort                           1 Penalty         1st Expert
3.Tony Harrison / Paul Taylor      Proton Compact                  4 Penalty
4.Jon Lawson / Richard Todd       Proton Compact                  14 Penalty
5.Allan Blake /Robert Blake          Toyota Avensis Estate        15 Penalty
6.Pete Jagger / Chris Williams      Peugeot 205 Rallye            23 Penalty
7.Dave Head / David Bell                Suzuki Swift                        73 Penalty
8.Simon Boardman / Alan Barnes Proton Satria                     94 Penalty         1st Novice
9.Derek Long / Andrew Long           MG ZR                                101 Penalty
10.SallyAnn Hewitt / Mark Lewis   Ford Focus Coupe        268 Penalty         1st Launchpad
11.David Ross / Sheila Ross Peugeot   205 Rallye                  320 Penalty
12.James Hothersall / Christopher Rydeheard   Peugeot 205 GTi 327 Penalty

Alex Willan / Ali Proctor                Proton Satria                  Retired MTC12
Steve Mitchell / Ian Mitchell         Renault Clio 172            Retired MTC23
Andy Ritchie / Maurice Ellison    BMW 318 Compact       Retired MTC12
Robert McLean / Susan McLean  Ford Anglia                     Retired MTC12
Paul Brereton / Jeff Almond         Proton Satria                  Retired MTC12
Dave Whitaker / Peter Whitaker  Honda Civic                    Retired MTC12
George Eland / Ian Eland              Alfa Romeo GTV            Retired MTC36
Andy Whittaker / Charlie Tynan  Proton Satria                   Non Starter

Photos from the event can be found here

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Entry List as of 5th of September 2012


1. Alex Willan/Ali Proctor                                                     Proton Satria               Expert
2. Steve Retchless/Iain Tullie                                               Ford Escort                  Expert
3. Pete Tyson/Neil Harrison                                                 Mini                               Expert
4. Tony Harrison/Paul Taylor                                               Proton Compact         Expert
5. Steve Mitchell/Ian Mitchell                                              Renault Clio                 Expert
6. Andy Ritchie/Maurice Ellison                                          BMW 318 Compact    Expert
7. Derek Long/Andrew Long                                                 MG ZR                          Expert
8. Allan Blake/Robert Black                                                  Lancia Fulvia               Expert
9. Robert McClean/Sue McClean                                         Ford Anglia                  Expert
10. Pete Jagger/Chris Williams                                            Peugeot 205 Rallye     Expert
11. Dave Head/David Bell                                                      Suzuki Swift                  Expert
12. Barrie Thomson/TBA                                                       TBA
13. Peter Taylor/Andrew Roughead                                    Vauxhall Astra             Novice
14. Steve Hudson/Alan Barnes                                             Peugeot 205                 Novice
15. Paul Brereton/Jeff Almond                                             Proton Satria                Novice
16. David Ross/Sheila Ross                                                   Peugeot 205 Rallye      Novice
17. James Hothersall/Christopher Rydeheard                  Peugeot 205 GTI          Novice
18. Dave Whitaker/Bros Whitaker Honda                          Civic                               Novice


19. Andy Whitaker/Charlie Tynan                  Proton Satria           Expert
20. George Eland/Ian Eland Alfa Romeo      GTV                           Novice
21. Sallyann Hewitt/Mark Lewis                     Mini Clubman         Novice