Spadeadam Motor Club Pathfinders 2010

By Caroline Lodge

May’s club night saw six crews setting out on the 2010 Pathfinders event. Each crew had a list of grid squares to plot and a clue to solve for each square. Crews could take any route they liked, but had a time limit to keep within and needed to try and keep their mileage as low as possible.

The answers to the clues ranged from house names, to engravings on walls, from signs and posters to members surnames.

The organiser’s route took the Longtown road out past Laversdale turn and then took the right up towards Prior Rigg, then across and down through Boltonfellend, taking in three of the fifteen squares on the way.

Then turned left at Hethersgill before dropping down to Walton. Nobody saw the engraving on the tree (it was there the night before) and one crew did try unsuccessfully to cover their tracks after trampling down some nettles at Walton Mill Bridge.

Lanercost New Bridge was the next location before crossing the A69, passing Milton Rigg Woods, on to Kirkhouse and doing a loop around Forest Head, where if you’re not careful you could be in danger of listened to or blown up. Back down through Talkin crossing the Brampton- Castle Carrock road, and to the viaduct at Gelt Woods. If the crews had taken the time to site here for a rest they would have found another answer. Continue reading