Carlisle Motor Factors Autotest 2010

The first autotest of the year was run on Tim Finch’s fields beside his house. This came about due to having to cancel the autotest at Longpark when the weather was still wet.

With two different test routes set up in two different fields it was a perfect venue. The ground had a slight slope away from the start / finish, the grass was still wet from the overnight rain which would hamper the early runners.

Days before the test the club acquired the second car for members to use / hire. The Diahatsu Charade was a good runner after a bit of work with Bits bought off Carlisle Motor Factors.

Test 1 Geoffrey was quickest with 1m 44, followed by Tim on 1m 48 then Peter on 1m 49, then Neil & Sarah T on 1m 51.

Test 2 was a re-run with some of the grass rolled down times were quicker. Neil was quickest with 1m 37, Sarah, Geoffrey, Barry & Peter all got 1m 39.

Test 3 In the other field and marshalled by Caroline. This test involved forward and reverse. Sarah was fastest with 1m 07 followed by Rob on 1m 09 the Emily on 1m 10 then Barry & Neil on 1m 14.

Test 4 was a re-run, proving that women are the fastest at reversing Sarah went fastest again with 1m 05 equal with Geoffrey. Emily also showed it was no flook with 1m 07 then John and Tim on 1m 10. Continue reading