Sliding on Ice

By John Ross,

On the 23rd November a team of 8 Spadeadam members gathered to learn how to handle themselves on ice. The only thing was there were no studded tyres, revving engines or the smell of Castrol-R.

Earlier this year on “The Run To The Sea” organised by Helen, several silly beach games took place by a group of members way old enough to know far better. After playing beach football a rather daft game of throwing nicely shaped rocks into a ring shaped target developed. This was dubbed by Mike Lindsey as “Beach Curling”. This struck a chord with my wife Christine who over the last couple of weeks has spent more time at Lockerbie Ice rink than she has at home. Would any of those present be in an evening’s curling, proper curling on ice, rather than the mud and sand of the Solway at Southerness. The general consensus was yes.

Several weeks later Christine said, I have a session booked at the ice rink for SMC, so with the aid of social media our little group was brought together. Eric & Linda, Nigel & Helen, Caroline & Jonathan and Christine & myself met up at Lockerbie Ice Rink to learn how to slide on ice, sweep and deliver 8 stones into the house (the rings of the target marked out at each end of the sheet of ice. Continue reading

Novemeber club night- A visit to the Carlisle Pirelli Factory

The November Club night (1st) will be a visit to the Carlisle Pirelli Factory. Members wishing to come along to the tour to follow the making of a tyre from raw material to finished product.

The evening has been arranged with the thanks of Neil Varah

We do need names so that we know how many to accommodate for and there is a maximum that can be taken.

Evening would start by meeting at the Car Park at 7pm

Reserve your place with Barry Lindsay ASAP!