Club History

Spadeadam Motor Club was formed in 1959, at the Spadeadam Rocket Establishment, near Carlisle. Early members were Rolls Royce and De Havilland employees at the base, and all activities were restricted to Spadeadam employees. At the time the Blue Streak rocket programme was in full swing, and the Blue Streak rocket became the Club’s logo, and still remains to this day.Many of the current Club events have names relevant to the Rocket days.

Some of the original Club Members continue their contact with the Club, and the first ever Member, and co-founder of the Club, Bill Johnston, is pleased the Club is continuing after 40 years, having endured several setbacks, during that time.

In 1973, the base closed down. Club activity declined, but a few Club members, carried on and at this time it was deemed necessary to accept Club members from the local Brampton area. The Club has regrown from then, with activities such as Road and Stage Rallying, Autocross, Gymkhana’s, Treasure Hunts and the famous Soap Box Derby (it was reported in the National papers – a centre spread over two pages, in 1960 !!) have been the mainstay events offered to competing Members.

Spadeadam Motor Club Members celebrating the clubs 50th anniversary with a BBQ and autotest.

Spadeadam Motor Club Members celebrating the clubs 50th anniversary with a BBQ and autotest.

Membership is currently around 100 Members, though 150 Members was known during the heyday of Stage Rallying.  In 1987, the Club became affiliated to the RAC Motor Sports Association, adopting their rules and requirements. The Club has continued to grow and expand it’s range of activities, and more emphasis is being placed on the social side with trips to race meetings etc.

Spadeadam Motor Club Stand at the Hethersgill Vintage Rally    Geoffrey & Nigel HarknessChristmas StagesWaithwaite

Several major events have been added to the Club calendar, such as the Spadeadam Motor Club Stage Rally Championship (formerly known as the J.G. Thompson, DSD and Monitor Systems Championships), the Countdown Navigational Rally.

Dick Cormack & Noel Orr Galloway Hills Rally

Dick Cormack & Noel Orr – Galloway Hills Rally

Spadeadam motor Club is affiliated to the MSA and is a member of ANECCC (Association of North East & Cumbria Car Clubs & CMSG (Cumbria Motor Sport Group).The Club has elected to promote inexpensive events and contrary to the Public’s normal perceptions, Motor Sport does not always require a deep pocket and a friendly Bank Manager, nor, does it have to be noisy and anti-social !! Members are invited to compete on, organise or marshal events or just attend social meetings if they wish.

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John Ross Silvertop Quarry, Halbankgate

John Ross – Silvertop Quarry, Halbankgate


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