Autotest Round 5 – 31st of December 2013

With a week that involved gales, flood warnings and any other extreme weather you could name (almost a repeat of Round 4’s weather conditions!) the day started grey and damp. The entry list certainly made up for it though; with the new C2 of Jon & Kieron Stynes first outing on an SMC event, the stunning Vauxhal Chevette of Rob Glendinning, and James McWhir had brought his immaculate RS2000 too. There were of course the “regulars” in attendance too.

The tests were reasonably fast and flowing and over exuberance and a damp surface may have caused quite a few seconds lost to wheel spin and overcooked handbrake turns (especially in the case of both of the drivers of  “Colin the Corsa”).

However, it all came down to the last tests and Barry Lindsay, in his trusty 106, saw off both Stephen Dixon, in the super light and nippy Corsa, and Andrew Graham in the Puma (which is fast becoming a regular in the top spot on it’s outings).

Photos can be found – HERE

Report – Coming Soon

Winner – Barry Lindsay


1st      Barry Lindsay           9m 42
2nd    Andrew Graham      10m 13
3rd    Stephen Dixon          10m 13
4th    Jon Stynes                 10m 15
5th    Chris Johnson           10m 45
6th    Neil Thomlinson      10m 51
7th     Neil Raven                10m 54
8th    Geoff Harkness         11m09
9th    James McWhir          11m 11
10th   Nigel Harkness         11m 22
11th    Richard Clark            11m 25
12th    Kenton Pattison       11m 26
13th    Rob Glendinning     11m 29
14th    Pete Johnson            11m 47
15th    George Edminson   11m 47
16th    Helen Gibbon          12m11
17th    John Ross                 12m 13
18th    Kieron Stynes           13m 11