Autotest Round 4- 28th of July

Our summer tarmac tests had a slightly damp start, with some competitors braving floods just to get to the venue! The event saw a smaller than usual entry, with some regulars enticed away to other events, autotest cars not starting and others having to fill timekeeping roles. With this event being open to members of other local car clubs, we were very pleased to welcome Warren Gillespie (who came 1st O/A)  and  Stephen Dixon (who came 2nd O/A).

Photos can be found – HERE

Report –  Here

Winner: Warren Gillespie

Winner: Warren Gillespie (SOSCC)


1st     Warren Gillespie            9m 42
2nd   Stephen Dixon               11m25
3rd    Jon Stynes                      11m 28
4th     Nigel Harkness             12m 12
5th     John Ross                      12m 27
6th     Pete Johnson                13m 37
7th     Helen Gibbon               14m 05
8th     George Edminson       14m 09
9th     Phil Jobson                   15m 37
10th   Kieron Stynes               16m 07