Autotest – Round 2 – 7th of April 2013

The second round of the SMC autotest championship (1st of the grass tests) was graced with sunshine and firm going. Another good entry saw 3 Corsas, 2 Minis, 3 Peugeots, an MG, a Micra, a Fiesta & a Puma battling it out in the dust. With 10 tests, designed by club president Ian Robinson, there were a mixture of tight, tricky turns and short sprints.

Photos can be found HERE

Report – Here

Barry Lindsay

Winner: Barry Lindsay


Results from Round 2

1st      Barry Lindsay                  9m 21
2nd    Geoffrey Harkness         9m 27
3rd     Richard Clark                 9m 37
4th     John Ross                        9m 41
5th     Jon Stynes                       9m 44
6th     Neil Thomlinson            9m 53
7th     Nigel Harkness              10m 08
8th    Kenton Pattison             10m 28
9th    Andrew Graham             10m 33
10th  Neil Varah                        10m 37
=        Mike Hebson                   10m 37
12th   Eric Ritchie                      10m 38
13th   George Edminson       11m 00
14th   Helen Gibbon                  11m 13
15th   Kieron Stynes                  11m 59