Autotest – Round 1- 10th of March 2013

The 2013 Spadeadam Motor Club Autotest Championship is now under way. With an excellent entry for the first round at Longtown Autction Mart. With 10 tests planned and 16 entries, even the bitterly cold wind and the odd blizzard couldn’t cool the competition.

Photos can be found HERE

Report  can be found HERE

Winner: Andrew Graham

Winner: Andrew Graham

Results from the Spring Test at Longtown Auction Mart.

1st  Andrew Graham               9m 39

2nd Barry Lindsay                  9m 40

3rd  Jon Stynes                        9m 53

4th  Nigel Harkness               10m 14

5th  George Edminson           10m 25

6th  Neil Varah                        10m 33

7th  John Ross                        10m 39

8th  Mike Hebson                 10m 56

9th   Kieron Stynes                  11m 19

10th Helen Gibbon                11m 27

11th  Danny Little                   11m 34

12th  Pete  Johnson                12m 14

13th  Eric Ritchie                    12m 21

14th  Phil Jobson                    12m 54

Rtd    Kenton Pattison  Brake Pipe

Rtd   Neil Thomlinson  Brake Pipe