Malton Stages 2018

By Barry Lindsay

With the SG Petch Championship sown up the week before Caroline & myself were still to make the start of the Malton Rally. The car was prepared ready before Cheviot and the entry was in and paid weeks before. Malton stages despite being very similar each year I’m not really getting to know them. Only when were committed to a corner that I realize Oh its that bit! However, this year has pretty much been a year of concentrating on the notes and doing what I’m told.

Leaving Carlisle at 4am to head over to Thornton le dale for scrutineering at 7, drivers briefing at 8 then start the event just before 9.

With all the pre-event checks done. Our service crew Jonathan & Kenton doing chase with Michael in main service which would be visited 3 times at Addistone Field.

Stage one. Generally, in good condition but a couple of bits were digging out and we were only 24th car of 90 what would it be like next run. However, 44th fastest against a strong 2ltr historic field and impressive 4wds. Most importantly a 2 second class lead. A quick management area check to torque the wheels and straight into Stage two. Start was familiar but when went into a uphill T junction we had gone right previous times this time Caroline called Left 9. OK now I’m fully focused on what you say! We dropped 3 seconds in the class battle and headed back to service.

Service we swapped the Pirelli’s front to back, and a general spanner check.

Stage three. Needing to make some time was a bit more of a push. However, a couple of corners I knew I’d backed off to much for. There was also quite a bit of it had been used on the recent Trackrod and the road had been repaired with loose stone which had come out. Headed back to service having taken one second to put us dead equal on time at the half way point.

Service was spanner check, check tyres, clean a large amount of debris out of the inside of the wheel and food for us.

Stage four was a repeat of the first one. 6 seconds quicker than the previous run but we dropped 3seconds in the class battle then tied on stage five.

Back at service, Jonathan was busy underneath a support bracket had snapped holding the exhaust which was making it rattle under the car and needed held up. Tyres were checked and decided to leave the new ones for the next event.

Leaving service, the results showed us with almost a two-minute class lead our rival had booked into service 2min early incurring a two minute penalty. Heading to stage we decided that we had to push on as this might get taken off then we would be 3second off the lead.

Stage6 was the roughest of the event 8miles of bottoming out on the sump guard. Over the summer we came up with a modification to give the Proflex more travel, but this was now letting the car bottom out harder. It didn’t put us off giving it a good go. We dropped 14seconds over the 8mile – he obviously was taking out his pain of the time penalty out on his car! However, with the time penalty standing we were class winners and were confirmed as SG Petch ANECCC championship winners.


34th OA 1st Class Barry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge  206