Rally Results (June & July 2018)

Argyll –  Barry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge were  18th Overall (2nd in class) John McIlwraith was 26th  Overall (6th in class) despite a 6min road early penalty

Rory Young & Allan Cathers went off after a good start and Retired.

GreystokeBarry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge brought the 206 home 9th Overall (1st in class). Just head of James Coxon who was navigating Mark Shaw in the Sunbeam. 11th Overall (2nd in class). Rob Graham & Helen Harkness finishing 24th Overall (6th in class)

Nicky Grist – Rory Young & Allan Cathers finished the BTRDA event 3rd OA (3rd in class).

Mach 1 – Phil Jobson debuted his new Mk2 tarmac car, however he retired on stage 8