Calling All Novice Navigators

Are you terrified by tulip diagrams? Do herringbones give you the heebie jeebies? Or have you always wanted to do a 12 car, but didn’t really know where to start?  Do not fear… help is at hand.

Arghhhhh.. a herringbone diagram! Run for your life....

Argghhhhh… a herringbone diagram!!

Augusts’ club night (1st of August) will be a table top navigation night. This is your chance to come along and work out a route in comfort. Expert navigators will be on hand to help and answer questions. It may also be a good refresher for those that currently compete- novice or expert, driver or navigator. All welcome.

A “Novice only 12 car” is being planned for the Thursday after, where you can put your new skills to the test. (More details on that to follow.)