April 12 Car

By Neil Thomlinson

Aprils 12 car was to start at Gretna’s Halcrow stadium, based just on map 85 and covering about 70 miles including some whites. This 12 car was to attract 8 entries which were made up of 4 novice and 4 expert crews some of which were from neighbouring clubs.

After being told to take a map into the clubhouse it was clear that some route information was to be handed out, the novices were pre-plot so they were given the route and the experts were given 2 sheets of paper, one with the NAM’s on and the other with the Out of Bounds and Quiet zones co-ordinates. After plotting these all that was to do was set off.

From the stadium we headed west, onto the A75 then turned off heading north into the first white of the night which took us into the back of Gretna services, across the motorway and up Chapelknowe crossroads where we turned right and went round a loop which encountered the first NAM’s, we were then to head to Kirtlebridge via Kennedys corner and Burnfoot. Across the motorway again into another NAM then round a loop and returning to the other side of the motorway, Eaglesfield was out of bounds so a loop to avoid this then took us up to Waterbeck then heading west on the B725, another small loop before Ecclefechan and we were to cross the motorway for the final time, I think not long after this point the window was opened just a touch only to let some cool air into the car which worried Barry slightly!

Round a few more loops and a short white acting as a LWRT we were back on the B road which then led to turning left at Middleshaw, after a few junctions and short loops we were heading north through Birkshaw forest then the first slot left fetching us back south again, the next loops took us to Dalton via Newton and Meikle Dyke and then the another loop and we were heading towards the A75, with a short stint on there to Carrutherstown we were heading south again and then a slot left on a 90 right took us via Newfield, back onto the B road and then south again with a couple of NAM’s and a Caution on this stretch which took us to Cummertrees.

After a few more loops and the odd white we were then going through Brydekirk, then turning right at a crossroads we headed back towards Annan once on the B road but taking the last right off it before we got there, the route then took us turning right at the power station, past a place called Scotsfield, the final junctions took us to the finish which came before we got to Irvington. Once the time cards were handed in at the final time control we went along to the finish which was at Gretna services.

Overall a good route with lots of loops, good clues and the odd tricky NAM, one of which I didn’t have a clue how Barry had seen it until he explained at the end how he seen the reflection in the brake lights! Big thanks to John Ross for organising this one, also the marshals for braving the cold! Both Barry and I were pleased with the result as probably our best 12 car victory so far!

 April 12 Car  – Results

1 1E Barry Lindsay / Neil Thomlinson                            1 Fail  13 min

2 2E Tom Wilcox / Richard Todd                                    3 Fails 17min

3 3E Barrie Thomson / Jerry Hettrick                            4 Fails 11min

4 1N Andrew Graham / Liam Todd                                 4 Fails 24min

5 2N Jonathan Fowler / Paul Hettrick                           4 Fails 40min

6 3N Nigel Harkness / Helen Gibbon                            10Fails 17min

OTL  George Edminson / Matthew Shaw                        OTL

Rtd   Phil Jobson / Caroline Jobson                           Throttle Cable