Who’s That? #7

Spadeadam’s Champion Driver  2010


Winner of the North Of England Tarmac Rally Championship 2011

Barry Lindsay.

What do you rally? What’s its history?

Peugeot 106 1.6 Gti.

I’d Spotted a (damaged) 106 Gti, I remember pricing bits with Allan Bateman at Graham Bowness, he said “If the engine and the ECU are damaged don’t get it!”. A few hours later I lifted the bonnet and the chassis leg had moved… On it was the ECU, it had gone through the timing belt, smashed the cam pulley and all the guards!! A bit more look but I was having it…! BLM built up the engine and prepared the pocket rocket for its début Christmas 2001. The first season with it was a nightmare. It was showing speed but couldn’t get results various problems: Diff / Driveshaft / Fuel pump/ Relay. Then came Christmas 2002, the start of the 11 class wins on 12 events.

How long have you been rallying? What was your first event?

First event was 1993 Derwent Stages on Great Orton in a Talbot Sunbeam. We finished despite the bonnet coming loose and then a coil wire coming off. After 4 years, front wheel drive beckoned. A Peugeot 205 had been built by BLM and we sneaked off to Flookburgh to début it. 2nd in class with standard suspension and exhaust (which we lost part of during the event!).

Barry & Michael LindsayDurham Dales Rally - Barford Camp

Barry & Michael LindsayDurham Dales Rally – Barford Camp

Best Result?

Weeton Camp 2007. 3rd overall.

A day where everything clicked! (Even the diff) but we cruised to the finish.

Favourite Car?

MG Metro 6R4 – We can all dream!

Favourite Driver?

Petter Solberg – Often seems that his car is one step behind but he still is determined to win. Fingers crossed for 2012.

Barry & Michael Lindsay - Lion Stages Rally 2002

Barry & Michael Lindsay – Lion Stages Rally 2002

Dream Rally and Why?

A 3 day tarmac version of the RAC, using Otterburn, Warcop, Dundrennan, Kirkbride, Great Orton & Carlisle Airport, based on Carlisle Airport. – You said Dream….

Most Memorable Rally Experience?

There are lots, but have narrowed it down to two.

1) Border Counties 2007: Running second car behind George McDonald and in front of Carl Tuer. First few stages we swapped seconds, then came Rooken. On a tightening left hander, running wide on the loose, the back wheel dug in on the bank and over we went, landing in a peat bog. Spectators got us out. The following stage we needed to get back up to speed. Only to go off into and even deeper ditch. I looked out to see Jemma, a load of other fold that we knew, plus Sky television crew coming to help! WE lost a few minutes but got going again.

2) Grizedale 1998. In the 205. At the start of the event in Coniston it was raining. However as the stage clibed up the hill it got slippier. Going along the straight towards the scissors there were two cars off on the straight, it wasn’t till I braked for the waving marshals that I realised as we locked up that the rain had frozen to sheet ice, with cars off everywhere. We pushed on, catching cars. For the last long stage we let and Escort Cosworth go in front who had dropped back earlier. Only for us to catch him. 11th overall, our first class win.

Plans for the future?*

Pick and choose in 2011 contesting some of the North of England mixed with the SG Petch championship, hopefully ready to tackle British Championships in 2012 (still negotiating the sponsorship deal!)

Barry & Michael Lindsay, Cheviot Stages 2011

Barry & Michael Lindsay, Cheviot Stages 2011

*Barry was interviewed back in February 2011.

 (Photos © B. Lindsay/ Y. Petry/ Spadeadam Motor Club 2011 )