Who’s That? #5

..is Back!

This month it’s SMC’s 2010 number 4 driver

Geoffrey Harkness

What car do you rally ? Vauxhall Corsa 1.6 (the same car for the last 16 years)

How long have you been rallying and what was your  first event ? 

About 18 years, before that I sprinted and hillclimbed for 7 or 8 years, and still do occasionally. The first rally I did was on the 14MU site (Kingmoor park) in a 1400 Nova with Nigel navigating. We were doing quite well until the front wheel parted company on a corner, but we got the wheel back and borrowed some studs from the other wheels to let us complete the stage.

Geoffrey & Nigel Harkness14 M.U. Carlisle(1994)

Geoffrey & Nigel Harkness14 M.U. Carlisle(1994)

What is your best result?
My best result must have been in the last centuary and I cannot remember what it would be. I had a few class wins back then and was runner up in the North of England Tarmac Championship. My best results came in hillclimbs and sprints.

What’s your favourite car?
Group B cars must be at the top of the list.

Who’s your favourite Driver?
No one in particular but the Scandinavian drivers of the 80’s in Group B cars in Keilder and Grizedale are the ones I remember.

What is you dream Rally and why?
Otterburn with the run off areas of a single venue and a good navigator. It must be possible for one of these to happen one day.

On Otterburn

On Otterburn (Tyneside stages 2010)

What is your most memorable rally experience?
If memorable means every tree, fence post, road sign, bale, tyre and anything else I have hit over the years. Then there have been more memorable rallies than I want to remember!

What are you future plans?
Plans are something you build a house off and nobody sticks to them so best not make any.

Kames Sprint 2011

Kames Sprint 2011

Anything else you want to say?
Thank you for reading this far and Goodbye

(Photos © B. Lindsay/ N. Harkness / Spadeadam Motor Club )