Who are those people who get their names in the newsletter every month?

You know the ones on last page back page, who get points for driving their cars in events with names like Pend, Tyne, G/hills

Well over the  next few months you might get know a little bit more about them, starting with the driver who came in 10th in the SMC  2010 Rally Championship:-

Mr Richard Clark

What car do you rally ? –

Pug 205, Ford Escort, Audi Quattro, Subaru, Suzuki Swift

Richard Clark on the Jack Frost Stages 2011
Richard Clark and James McWhir

How long have you been rallying and what was your first event ?

Too old to remember , First event Solway Stages

What is your best result?

1st Overall on the Rhins Stages about 27 years ago

What’s your favourite car?

Ford Escort Mk1

Who’s your favourite Driver


Dream Rally and why?

Old RAC for the super cars

What is your most memorable rally experience

Galloway Hills

Any future plans?

To rebuild my Mk2 Escort

Anything else you want to say?


Richard Clark
Richard Clark and James McWhir

(Photos © H.R.Gibbon / Spadeadam Motor Club)