South Tyne 12 Car

By Neil Thomlinson

Jerry asked me to navigate for him on this event if I was available, which I was and was more than happy to. This event ran at the back of the Hexham Historic and John Robson road rallies held by the Hexham and District motor club. Off we went in Jerry’s 309 with me making some final marks on the map, and testing the spotlights on the way. After realising that the spotlights were fine on the way there, they didn’t work when tried in scrutineering. We realised as the event went on that this was due to a faulty relay, as between time controls they would suddenly come on, but not far from either the next time control or a quiet zone meaning they had to be knocked off again!

The event was good with some cracking roads; as far as the navigation went it was a tulip road book for both halves which I enjoyed. We dropped time in the first section, booking in 3 minutes late at TC1, and also at the 2 secret regularity sections we dropped time, apart from those no time was dropped, and all the route checks were correct.

There was even a pair of competitors with no roof! Which I’m sure they loved the coloured rain which we experienced in the last section.


Total Time         Route Checks      Pos. O/A

Jerry Hettrick/ Neil Thomlinson     7.17                    0                              2nd